Our Team Of Experts

Mr Laven Lokesh Barani

Founder, Chief Trainer - 7 Years  of Experience.

About Our Founder 

Our Founder Mr.Laven Lokesh Barani is a world class trainer with an experience of Seven years (since 2017).Mr.Lokesh is fitness enthusiastic which made him start his first venture in the year 2015, manufacturing and selling gym equipment,which he later paust in 2017. In the field of training and mentoring Entrepreneurs and college students. Mr. Laven Lokesh began his career as a trainer at Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI).In the year 2017, where he closely worked with many small scale Entrepreneurs and business owners. Later he started his own training company in the year 2017 on 13th November and started training students and Entrepreneurs one to one. He started his first e-commerce store on amazon in the year 2018 and launched Dopamin chocolates which manufactures premium handmade chocolates. Parallelly he grew a great orator through his active participation in toastmasters club and karuna international. Since 2019,Mr. Laven Lokesh has delivered more than 45 speeches at All India Radio in both English and Tamil ( Youth talk, Ilaiyabharatham). Mr. Lokesh is also a charter member at Lion's Club. As a part of our Company CSR program Mr. Laven Lokesh has done more than 500 free programs for schools and colleges across Tamil Nadu. Where he has addressed more than 2,00,000 students. Mr. Laven Lokesh is on quest to empower 20 lakhs students across Tamil Nadu through his online courses. His remarkable online presence inspired the student community and set an example for young Entrepreneurs to persevere towards their goals by the end of 2024. Mr. Laven Lokesh has decided to mentor 100 Entrepreneurs to empower them into having a total networth of 100 crores.

Mr Paul Baskaran

Senior Mentor, Chennai  - 11  years of Training Experience

Ms sneha Rajkumar

Training Coordinator, Chennai  - 2  years of Experience

Ms Priya veshtri

Training coordinator, Kerala - 2  years of Experience

Mr Balaraju Sabbavarapu

Manager AP, Senior Trainer - 3 Years of Experience.